About ElonInu

ElonInu aims to work for the betterment of humanity through all means. Either any part of the world is in a pandemic or needs food, employment, and healthcare. ElonInu will serve humanity. This token is a Charity version of the famous ElonTech token..

Auto Triggered Buy backs

We designed $EINU to ensure sustainable growth of price and volume together via two-way auto-triggered buybacks. We do it using re-invest call backs and eligible transactions.

Earn $BNB holding #EINU

If you stay holder of $EINU, then you will keep enjoying the BNB rewards. We take 4% of every transaction and distribute it to #EINU Holders.


The code is highly secure. Everything is designed to make your investment secure and growth oriented.

ReInvest mechanism

Reinvestment is a core of EINU. We made it simple if you want to reinvest. There is no transaction fee or tax fee when you re-invest.

Auto Liquidity Pool

Auto liquidity is to make EINU holders safe for long term. We took 2% for auto liquidity on each transaction to increase the pool size.

Anti Whale Mechanism

Are you afraid of Whales? We did our part here. Each transaction will auto rejected if it goes up to 0.1% of the total supply. Whales using two wallets will be charged 1 BNB automatically as a fee.

Rewards System

We know that rewards can be a healthy activity to keep the hodlers for life. We did it and rewards are auto integrated in the code.

Liquidity Locked

EINU liquidity pools are locked forever. Enjoy the trades fearless and will always be safe.

Tokens Locked

We locked the tokens using vesting method. Means all the devs, team, marketing tokens can’t be taken out at once and will be released slowly in very small percentages.

ElonInu IDO Token Details

Tokens Offered

10000 B

Soft Cap (Public IDO)


Hard Cap

5000 Billion

Tokens Distributed

Right after the IDO ends on 15th August
Token Sale I August 1 - 23
100% Bonus 20 Billion / BNB
Token Sale II August 24-25
75% Bonus 17.5 Billion / BNB
Token Sale III August 26-27
50% Bonus 15 Billion / BNB
Token Sale IV August 28-29
25% Bonus 12.5 Billion / BNB
Token Sale V - IDO Sale August 29-31
10% Bonus 10.1 Billion / BNB

Note: The distribution policy is set to make this token a huge success. Phase 1 to Phase 4 holders will get their tokens after 1 month of its launch on Pancake Swap to protect the dump. It’s going to be in their very interest too as the price will spike high due to no sell-offs. We want your success and cooperation.

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 60%Token Sale Program
  • 8%Reserve Fund
  • 15%Team and Founders
  • 4%Board Advisors
  • 6%Marketing and Bounty
  • 7%Ecosystem Development
  • 40%Product Develoment
  • 12%Business Development
  • 20%Marketing
  • 10%Legal & Regulation
  • 6%Partner/Investor
  • 8%Operational
  • 4%Contingency

Read Our Documents

Here are our full documents that help you to understand us. We are not fully ready and will update you as soon as they are available.

Our Future

ElonInu is an advanced protocol based on auto-liquidity and more features. Let’s explore them.


Elon Inu is based on Binance blockchain. NFTs are coming to build a huge reputation of ElonInu.

Gaming Zone

ElonInu used modern technologies to help communities around the globe. We do it by developing a game.

Apps and Apps

ElonInu believes in modern technology. We will build apps for both iOS and Google Play Store..

Charity with Proofs

One can help the communities using the ElonInu game, yes that’s true. This will change the complete scenario of charity.

Wallet Development

We will design a wallet to understand the amount you invested, the profit you generated, liquidity earned and the charity you did.

Safe & Secure

ElonInu is safe and there are no rug pulls. As it’s created for humans so there is no possibility of any rug pull.


Our team is working hardly to make the world a better place through using the art of Blockchain and ElonInu together.

2021 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2021 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper Ideas
2021 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Whitepaper completion
2021 Q3
  • Public financing & Seed funding raised
2021 Q4
Seed Funding
  • Small Entrepreneurs Workshops
  • Micro-financing to help the poors
2022 Q1
Free Educational Institute
  • Free educational institute
  • Foundation of building
2022 Q2
Free medical hospital
  • Land, and construction started
  • Hospital funding model and more.
2022 Q3
Crowdfunding Integration
  • Smart contracts support creators
  • Ethereum tokens support
2022 Q3
Community Benefits
  • Establishing global user base
  • US start retailer selection
2022 Q4
Hardware things
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module
2022 Q4
More Operational
  • Integration with Private Chains, More Coin in Wallet
  • New services offered by members or business

Contact ElonInu

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.